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Bloomberg, Arrington Want More Opportunity for Immigrant Entrepreneurs, but What About Homegrown Talent?

According to TechCrunch’s Mike Harrington, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for immigration reform that favors creating greater opportunities for immigrants because of their job creating potential here in the United States. Harrington reports:

The Mayor proposed green cards for graduates with advanced degrees in essential
fields; a new visa for entrepreneurs with investors ready to invest capital in
their job-creating idea; more temporary and permanent visas for highly skilled
workers…The Mayor also announced the results of a study conducted by the
Partnership for a New American Economy – a bipartisan group of business
leaders and mayors from across the country – that found more than 40 percent
of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or the children of
immigrants and those companies employ more than 10 million people worldwide
and have combined revenues of $4.2 trillion.

I agree that immigration is an important issue that ought to be addressed in the most civil and proactive way possible. But at the same time we’re promoting greater opportunity for foreign nationals, we should also be supporting homegrown talent. There are thousands of entrepreneurs here in the states that are ready to take their ideas to market, but perhaps lack sufficient capital or infrastructural support to make their businesses a reality.

It’s great to encourage people from other countries to come to the U.S. in the hopes that they’ll create more job-rendering opportunities for Americans. It’s even better toempower Americans to be job-creators themselves. That spirit of American innovation is something that stands as the hallmark of our national identity. Sure, our kids need to increase proficiencies in science, math, technology and engineering – the key fields that will be fueling our 21st century economy – but creativity, ingenuity, those are skills that cannot be taught, and they must be fostered in order for people to flourish.

Harrington says what many of us already know: immigrants fuel the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Instead of continuing to perpetuate an increasingly one-sided equation,especially when America’s GDP is increasingly reliant on the success of the tech sector,isn’t it time we begin investing in our own citizens here at home just as much, if not more so, than we do in people from other countries?

The Empowering Feeling of Creating a Start-up Should Be Experienced By More Of Us


I talk alot about Internet Start-ups. Not just because they are cool and exciting in mainstream way due to the movie “The Social Network” but more because of the power of the process. Being able to create something and sometimes quickly be able to have it have an effect on people , in some cases thousands of  them. It’s an experience unlike any other. You learn more about yourself and what your capable of than you could in almost any other situation. I speak about it because I know how  the experience changed me, changed how i think about solving problems and how i know there is always a way to solve them.  Whenever I read stories about start-ups today it makes me reflect on those things all over again. I came across and post on the business insider about students who took a class at Stanford and all creating facebook apps that had great success.  When I went to the page it showed the founders of the facebook app dodgeball. The key thing for me in the picture was that one of the founders was African American.

This made me reflect again on the many talk I’ve given about how minorities are missing out on this revolution and how the problem is systemic at cultural level. The only thing that is bigger than that challenge is the opportunity for the change that could occur for minorities and their surrounding communities if this s introduced in the right way. To change lives, change communities and empower who new segments of people is a immense thing if you think about it. My hope with this post that some one of color reads it and says ” maybe me” and possibly sees the picture and realizes that we can be involved in this revolution and decides to jump in. My push from broader internet and wireless access stems from the desire to see a new generation of people take hold the inspiration and have the tools to make things happen.

The story was sourced from a NY times article that include and audio slide that lets you hear first hang how the evolution from idea to product to company changed and inspired this group of students. It’s my hope that you will share it with someone and it will inspire them.

Check out the audio slide show here

The huffington post acquisition shows that entrepreneurial success still exists, now it’s minorities’ time to seize the opportunity (AUDIO)

Minority College Students Win Mobile Development Contest And I Think We Need More

spelman college
Image by waynetaylor via Flickr recently ran a story that caught my eye for several reasons.  Two young women from Spelman College participated in a contest put on by ATT : the AT&T Big Mobile on Campus Challenge encourages college students to build engaging mobile apps. I was especially excited to see two women of color be the winners to this years contest. I’ve made no secret, for some time now, of my desire for more students of color to take advantage of the huge opportunities in mobile.  I think this contest by ATT is a good start, but I hope we push to do more. I hope to not only see contests but incubation programs, that show students the value of app creation and how to build businesses around it. I’m happy for these young women and will be downloading their app. You should too! Click here

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People Have to be Online to Become Cyber Entrepreneurs

At the MMTC Broadband and Social Justice Summit, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, made a passing reference to net neutrality when she discussed how tiered pricing would be a market entry barrier to some online entrepreneurs.  I don’t disagree.  Anything that increases costs for starting and sustaining any business, online or otherwise, is a barrier for new entrepreneurs. However, before we can get people to the point where they start a business online, we have to get them online.

Broadband deployment and adoption are said to be the primary focus of the National Broadband Plan that the FCC will unveil next month.  However in recent weeks, attention has been focused on net neutrality. The six principles set forth by the FCC are worthy of discussion.  As I’ve mentioned before, the two major factions — content providers, like Google, and the major phone and cable companies — both raise legitimate concerns of access and cost.  But I question whether this is the discussion to have at this time.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, we’ve got to get people online and using the technology before we start creating additional reasons to keep them offline.

As Pew reported last year, broadband adoption rates for minorities are increasing, but nowhere near the pace of Whites.  Wireless adoption in minority communities has outpaced that of Whites, but opportunities to start a business from a handheld device are limited. It is no secret that most new businesses start in the garages and spare rooms of our homes.  If we want to truly experience the transformative power of broadband in expanding opportunity for entering the market for minorities, the focus must remain on methods to increase broadband adoption in the home.  

Below is a video where I explain my take the issue and more importantly why entrepreneurship increase among minorities is crucial.

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Things being posted around the web that caught my attention today

Net Neutrality

“You see, this is why we should have Net Neutrality regulations, because if this ever happens they can stop it”

That title sounds silly, right? Well, that’s most of what the pro-Net Neutrality sites are using as the basis of their arguments. Here is another article  that tries to “mis-educate” people on Net Neutrality  by posing hypothetical  fear scenarios based on things that have never happened.  The more I read these stories, the more I realize that people are really being misled on this issue. Here’s a great example

Net Neutrality may actually hinder free speech not help it.

As I continue to work to inform people on all aspects of Net Neutrality, I came across this article that gives a contrasting and more realistic view of what the current proposed Net Neutrality regulations would do. Give it a read.


Broadband mapping can finally let us know who doesn’t have broadband in the U.S.

You may never have heard of broadband mapping, but it’s pretty important  to the push towards 100% access to broadband in the U.S. This article talks about its value:


Entrepreneur Stories

If you are an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one it’s always good to hear stories from other entrepreneurs. Build a Stronger America has a started a program to let you do just that.  Take a look:

What Makes an Entrepreneur?

I read quite a few good blogs about start-ups and entrepreneurship. ( I’ll list those in an upcoming post), and I was inspired by the start-up stories found at the link above.  That said, I would like to share a great article I read on what it takes to to become and entrepreneur. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read this.