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A Start-Up Incubator For Teens Is Great But Can We get One In The Inner City

I came across a story on Mashable today that talks about how the organization Teens in Tech had just launched and an incubator for teens to help them start their own companies. I think this a great idea and I hope it helps scores of teens take up entrepreneurship. The problem is that is one is in Mountain View CA and since it’s part of Silicon Valley it’s a great location but how can we expand that. The children in this area surrounded with technology so it’s not  huge leap that they would flock to an incubator. What about the children in nearby Oakland. Do they even it exists? We need to get concepts like this in front of children in areas where they are not commonplace. This will introduce them to opportunities and hekp them to foster the same love of technology that the kids in mountain view have if not an even deeper one.  We have encourage these groups to expose inner city children to these things or they will continue to be left behind. You may think this is not a big deal or it’s just some “tech” thing but it’s actually quite bigger. The adoption and literacy of technology for inner city youth should be our primary concern. We can’t complain about the lack of diversity in tech if we don’t do things to break the cycle. I don’t know about you but i’m calling this group to see how we get a chapter going in the inner city.

Broadband Is The Digital Uniter

That is what the FCC chairman stated at the recent Rainbow/PUSH Telecom Summit last week. He also stated “Closing the digital divide is one of the most important civil rights issues of our time,” Which I believe is 100% true.  These statements fall in line with proposed National Broadband Plan. During his talk he also sited that  relevance  and cost were two main barriers to broadband adoption among minorities. I’ve said that for some time now and I’m excited to see him making those statements.  I believe the relevance  issue is key and believe there are things we can do now to encourage more of an interest in broadband and also push people to want be part of the creation of the next generation of web tools. The chairmen mentioned some of the digital literacy programs that have been put in place (Digital Connectors by One economy and Comcast) but I want to see even more. The next stage is digital entrepreneurship programs that push minorities to be creators in this space. As we move towards making those things a reality I agree with the FCC chair that broadband can truly be a Digital Uniter.

Fast Company 30 sec mba

I recently was asked to answer some questions as part of the 30 sec MBA series on I was humbled to be asked to be in the company of some great thought leaders. Take a look and let me know what you think.