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No One Wants To Talk About The “Minority Issue” In Tech


In the second Installment of my Interview with Soledad Obrien for Black In America we talk about why I feel no one is will to address the disparity in the number of minorities in the technology space.

Why We Need More Minority Technology Incubators


As a part of the CNN Black in America documentary I sat down with Soledad Obrien for  a 1 on ! interview. This segment talks about why i feel there is a need for  minority incubators.

Achieving Diversity in Silicon Valley is Not About Recognition, Its About Having A Plan

Whenever issues of diversity are discussed in certain areas our first response is usually to be angry at the fact that we are not being recognized for our current efforts or position in that current industry. When the harsh reality is that is were fully recognized or truly successful in having a significant impact in that given area the question of diversity would not have come up. So instead of being angry we should focus on what the plan is to solve the issues.
This has come up most recently due to the recent Black in America documentary I was involved in. People have been up in arms about the media and people in the doc not recognizing minorities in tech past in current. But I believe focusing on that is short sided. we should look to use these opportunities to create plans on how change the current status Quot. How to put an plan in place that puts more of us in the pipeline to be able to attain these jobs. A plan that educates our youth on how to turn their ideas into real products using themselves as the resource. These type of actions will create real change. So don’t tell me your upset about the lack of diversity unless your committed to being a part of the plan.

Why I Challenge Critics of the Latest Black in America Documentary

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Sunday Nov, 13th at 8pm the next installment of Black in America airs. I was blessed to be a part of this doc because the topic is African Americans and Technology, two topics i’m passionate about. I’ll be live tweeting on during the show. Tell me where you hosting a viewing party on Sunday below in the comments and I’ll shout out your party and answer your questions during the show.