Reflecting On Where God and Technology Have Brought Me


  • Jeffrey Jasner

    Navarrow, If you think you have come a long way from here, just wait to see what your Journey is to become. You are one of the richest men I know just based on your commitment!

  • Mario Walker

    Great post..

  • Thanks for sharing Navarrow… I'm hoping to bring some technical online ingenuity to Hawaii.

  • Great message Navarrow and one that resonates with me. Although we come from different backgrounds and experiences, the convergence of god and technology are universal languages.

  • Chester Nwachukwu

    Awesome word! Its rare that technologist make the connection between God and Technology, they tend to do the opposite, but I feel the exact same way. Those two components were essential throughout my life. I appreciate your message and believe that understanding the importance of technology and faith will ultimately make this world a better place.