By the Time Apple’s IBook Textbooks Reach Minorities And Inner City Schools, The Divide May Be Too Wide To Close.

With the launch of Apple’s IBook textbook application a new era in learning has begun. Listen to my podcast where I explain that while the technology is game changing, not getting it to minorities and the inner cities could create a new digital divide. I believe a post from Time magazine paints an accurate picture of the worst case scenario:

Thus in the most frightening scenario, one could imagine a world where Appleā€™s textbooks serve only to increase the digital divide, and thus the achievement gap. In this scenario, there will be some students who are able to use the new textbooks, likely those at wealthy suburban schools where either the school or their parents can afford to buy them an iPad, while other students, most likely those in impoverished urban schools, are stuck using paper textbooks that have been handed down for years.

  • CJsqrd

    Hello Navarrow,
    As an middle school math teacher in a large urban school district & I couldnt agree more! I teach in Prince George's County Public Schools, located right outside Wasington DC. I am a part of a program that provides an iPad for EVERY student, Teacher and Administartors in our 4 Title I Middle Schools called TEDL.. All together it serves about 3200 low income black and Hispanic students. I coordinate to program for my particular school and I have seen a major change in my students achievement from October to present due to the access of technology we have provided them. I wish more of our impoverished youth could access this. Although we do not have iTextbook yet, another teacher and I are developing our own iTextbooks for our students to help close this divide. Id love to hear more about how to close this gap!