How Much Closer Are We To Fulfilling MLK’s Dream Today?

Every year when we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King , we take stock ( or we should be) in how far we’ve come to achieving the dream of equality the Dr. King had so many years ago. And we each year I believe we take a few steps forward and a step back. On one hand I firmly believe that as African Americans we have more opportunities for success and empowerment today than ever  but that we also don’t take advantage of them in the way we should. I recently came across an article that asked the very question I’m asking here.  Social Media and our access to it through mobile technology has given us more reach and influence then ever and while the digital divide may not be as wide was in year’s past. The divide in digital literacy becomes even wider.  As technology continues to become more of an enabler in our lives how we can break the cultural perceptions  that keep so many of us from taking advantage of the opportunities that the internet makes available to us. If we truly want to empower the next generation to continue to fulfill the dream then we have to make use of the tools that right in front of us.