Broadband Is The Digital Uniter

That is what the FCC chairman stated at the recent Rainbow/PUSH Telecom Summit last week. He also stated “Closing the digital divide is one of the most important civil rights issues of our time,” Which I believe is 100% true.  These statements fall in line with proposed National Broadband Plan. During his talk he also sited that  relevance  and cost were two main barriers to broadband adoption among minorities. I’ve said that for some time now and I’m excited to see him making those statements.  I believe the relevance  issue is key and believe there are things we can do now to encourage more of an interest in broadband and also push people to want be part of the creation of the next generation of web tools. The chairmen mentioned some of the digital literacy programs that have been put in place (Digital Connectors by One economy and Comcast) but I want to see even more. The next stage is digital entrepreneurship programs that push minorities to be creators in this space. As we move towards making those things a reality I agree with the FCC chair that broadband can truly be a Digital Uniter.

  • Response to Broadband is the Digital Uniter

    I like Mr. Wright’s emphasis on the promotion of digital entrepreneurship. As an arm of the government, the Federal Communications Commission should be at the front line in what I believe is the government’s duty to promote commerce.

    It’s one thing to encourage broadband adoption so that more people can get online and consume digitally provided information. It’s quite another to promote the use of cyberspace as a factory for building and distributing online services.

    The FCC would bring a lot more relevancy to broadband deployment initiatives if it would focus on the creative and distributional aspects as opposed to persuading citizens and Congress that there should be more regulation. That approach does not generate opportunities for investment nor encourage entrepreneurial pursuits.

  • I am most interested about the concept of having more minorities being the creator of applications, the next generation software and new content. There are opportunities there if we take advantage of them.