Daily Digest 3_12_10

The Net Neutrality Title Game

So today I came across an article on CNET News that explains how proposed Net Neutrality rules (rules that will enabled the FCC to regulate private sector Internet providers in a manner that could potentially stifle the competitive landscape, shift the costs of expansion and advancement into the hands of everyday consumers, and slow down the adoption of high-speed Internet by minorities and the under-served by ultimately raising prices for everyone) could be adapted. Now you see why everyone just uses the term Net Neutrality 🙂 The article gives a good explanation of the difference between Title I and Title II Classifications that were put into place in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 . It explains how neutrality proponents want the FCC to reclassify Internet service providers to be governed under Title II. By reading this you can get an understanding of what effect that will have on the services currently available. The key word here is “explain,” and as I have mentioned in the past, my key complaint with pro-neutrality groups is that they don’t explain anything in their arguments. They give opinions and the same examples in almost everything I read. I’m a cause and effects kind of guy. Show me the cause and the actual effect based on real examples, not based on conceptual ones. Anyway give this article a read and it will help you better understand the issue.

National Broadband Plan Has Everyone Talking

If you have not heard, the FCC is releasing it’s broaband plan on March 16th and there is no shortage of coverage on it. I like this post from Rey Ramsey, CEO of One Economy, where he illustrates how the Internet changed the life of one businessman. And as you can see below there are alot of people wating to see what is announce on the 16th.—ameri_b_496751.html

iPad Frenzy is Starting. Go to Techcrunch and Try to Win a free One!

The pre-orders have started. The iPad arrives in April but TechCrunch is giving one away! Just go to this article and follow the directions.