Daily Digest 12_14_09

Things being posted around the web that caught my attention today

Net Neutrality

“You see, this is why we should have Net Neutrality regulations, because if this ever happens they can stop it”

That title sounds silly, right? Well, that’s most of what the pro-Net Neutrality sites are using as the basis of their arguments. Here is another article  that tries to “mis-educate” people on Net Neutrality  by posing hypothetical  fear scenarios based on things that have never happened.  The more I read these stories, the more I realize that people are really being misled on this issue. Here’s a great example

Net Neutrality may actually hinder free speech not help it.

As I continue to work to inform people on all aspects of Net Neutrality, I came across this article that gives a contrasting and more realistic view of what the current proposed Net Neutrality regulations would do. Give it a read.


Broadband mapping can finally let us know who doesn’t have broadband in the U.S.

You may never have heard of broadband mapping, but it’s pretty important  to the push towards 100% access to broadband in the U.S. This article talks about its value:


Entrepreneur Stories

If you are an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one it’s always good to hear stories from other entrepreneurs. Build a Stronger America has a started a program to let you do just that.  Take a look:

What Makes an Entrepreneur?

I read quite a few good blogs about start-ups and entrepreneurship. ( I’ll list those in an upcoming post), and I was inspired by the start-up stories found at the link above.  That said, I would like to share a great article I read on what it takes to to become and entrepreneur. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read this.

  • Hi! I run the website in the first link. And thanks for accusing me of trying to mislead people!